Paint Outside in Fresh Air with Pastels

Nancy Lewis: Paint Outside in Fresh Air with Pastels
May 10, 11, 12 2019
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Three day Plein Air Workshop with Nancy Lewis” Improve your pastel painting skills with artist/instructor Nancy Lewis as she guides you through the art of pastel painting outside. In this three day workshop, you will discover new concepts and approaches to painting with the purity of pastel. We will start with the basics of painting outside with simple sketches and studies, developing compositions, values and color approaches. We will explore different types of surfaces, experiment with under-paintings and discover shapes as you use light and dark to develop dimensional forms. You will learn the secret of layering to create brilliant colors. The objective of this workshop is to observe and transfer newly found passion into your own expressive art.

Nancy Explains: “I love painting outside and sharing this amazing experience with others. Mother nature is the very best teacher. Painting outside offers a visual enrichment like no other! As an instructor with great patience and passion, I provide guidance on capturing the landscape with pigment. Whether you are a beginning artist or have many years of experience, I will give you the tools you need to simplify what you see and break it into workable shapes and values. We will build on those strong foundations. Learn about pastel application, color harmony, color temperature and mood to help express yourself fully and paint what you really feel.

About Nancy Lewis: Nancy Lewis is an award-winning regional and national artist. As an instructor at Colorado Mesa University, Colorado Institute of Art, Arapahoe Community College, and the Autocad Professional Training Center, Nancy has been teaching people new graphic skills in multiple mediums for 25 years. She shares her artistic insights into using color, visual elements of art, and design concepts through exploration and experimentation. Her teaching style is to present new concepts with lectures, demonstrations and lots of time to practice. Nancy guides students through new concepts and challenges in a hands-on approach with plenty of one-on-one individual attention.

Longmont, CO. (Lakeshore Studios and the surrounding area.)

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More information about Nancy via her website.
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Landscape Painting in the Field with Brad Holt

Brad Holt

Brad Holt: Join Brad for three days of plein air instruction.
May 16, 17 and 18, 2019

Landscape Painting in the Field with Brad Holt” is an all-encompassing experience of the plein air adventure. His clear, step-by-step approach touches on what you need to know to paint outside in the elements, the primary importance of value, temperature and hue, the better choices of tools and equipment, and the courage to paint in a relaxed and supportive environment. He generously tells you what he knows and demonstrates how and why it works. Join Brad for three days outdoors, painting at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. (Six sessions in total.)

Brad Holt is a man of artistic passions with a yearning to share that energy with his students and his viewers. He paints throughout the Intermountain West, and especially in Zion, the Grand Canyon, the high desert, Escalante and other favorite Utah locations. His awards are numerous, and his teaching style is effective, demonstrative and encouraging. His love of plein air shines through his work, and through the work of his students. He wants his students to see and feel what he sees and feels when they stand before nature with a brush in their hands, taking courage to paint what is before them.

Longmont, CO. (Lakeshore Studios and the surrounding area.)

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More information about Brad via his website.
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Previous Workshops

Landscape Source to Studio with Joshua Been

Joshua Been

Joshua Been: Join Joshua for three and a half days of plein air instruction.

August 2017

Landscape Source to Studio: Plein Air Pre-Sketch to Color Sketch to Studio Painting”. In this workshop, through clearly explaining concepts in the translation process from a three dimensional environment to a two dimensional surface, I will clear up the mystery, and strengthen your knowledge of the process and visual language of painting, from the source (plein air) to the studio. I teach a 4 pronged visual language approach (Value, Shapes, Edges, and Texture) that is both easy to remember and an effective way of breaking down difficult subject matter into manageable information.)

For more information, and a complete class schedule, see Joshua’s website.

Artist StatementThe style I paint in is known as Impressionistic Realism. It’s a versatile yet challenging mode of expression through which the poetry of a subject is preserved and paramount. To find eternal balance in the elegant dance of light and form is my highest inspiration. Through the congruence of our visual vocabulary and shared human experience, I am able to imply detail without overstating it. Brushwork and palette knife together create a textural Impressionism and paint quality which entice a closer look, while it is through a little distance that my paintings become Realistic portals into a time and place.  Painted like memories of the “here and now,” they depict the variety of life in the 21st Century and often include man-made objects, figures, or animals. Through my work, I sincerely hope to remind and inspire others to take time to see just how amazing this existence is.  Enjoy.

More information about Joshua via his website.

Longmont, CO. (Lakeshore Studios and surrounding area.)
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Painting the Landscape with Doug Braithwaite

Doug Braithwaite

Doug Braithwaite: Join Doug for 3 1/2 days of plein air instruction.
August 2016

Plein Air Colorado” takes students outdoors on the Front Range to experience and record the immediacy and light of Boulder County. With decades of teaching experience, Doug will share his rhythmic, lyrical, almost musical take on the flow of nature. Color and value translate to pitch and tone as the emotion of the natural landscape comes through onto canvas. His enthusiasm will draw you into the landscape, as he shares his wonder of the natural world through generous instruction and the pure joy of plein air painting.

Doug Braithwaite is coming off a hot streak of current awards and events, taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes, as well as Best of Show and Purchase awards throughout Utah, Idaho, Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming, and beyond the Intermountain West. A recent cover of Plein Air Magazine (Nov 2015) together with a feature article describe his current focus on the challenging craft of plein air painting. His direct painting style and lively rendering capture the vibrant life before him, delivering light and story in a clear statement of color and emotion.  (Seven sessions in total.)

Longmont, CO. (Lakeshore Studios and surrounding area.)

More information about Doug via his website.
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